Ryan Evans’s Interview for PopGrotto

We’re so thrilled to introduce Ryan Evans to you. Ryan is a real Marvel fan and has shared his fascinating collections on PopGrotto. We had a talk with him about his collections and inspiration for collecting.


Q: When and why did you start collecting Marvel items?

A: It’s hard to say exactly when my collection started, because I’m not sure what’s in it and how big it is.

0878bda3-c26c-46b7-902c-1dbed196661c_imageThe oldest item in my current Marvel collection is about 6 years old.  Back then though, it wasn’t part of a Marvel collection, it was part of my DVD collection, as it was the first Iron Man movie.

I have always been a fan of Marvel, reading the comics in my childhood and teens, becoming aware of the characters and universe but moved away from comics in early adulthood until the Iron Man movie was released in 2008.

Q: What makes collecting interesting?

A: I’m slightly obsessive (maybe a little more than slightly) and when I start collecting I tend to want to collect everything in a set.  I have relaxed my obsession recently, mostly by collecting multiple strands and not concentrating on one genre.

I find the hunt for items fun, especially the acquisition of rarer items and then the displaying of them.


Q: Biggest regret (that item you slept on and missed)?43b22d86-6367-483c-a67a-4aec37a85e32_image

A: I was unable to get tickets to see Stan Lee at the London Film and Comic con and get an item signed in person. He’s such an amazing man it would have been amazing to meet him.


Q: How do you take care of and store your Marvel collections?

A: Comics are stored in bags with boards.  Funko Pop Vinyl and Iron Man (1/6th scale busts) are opened carefully and after kept safe in their boxes.  My Lego Marvel collection is unboxed, built and displayed and other collectables are on shelves or in a glass cabinet.


Q: What are your long term plans for your collections?

A: From what I can see it’s going to get bigger, so I’ve had to set rules for collecting, to ensure things don’t get out of hand. I’m not quite sure what the key parts of my collection will remain a constant but as long as I follow the rules, it should remain a collection and not a hoard.

My rules for collecting are:

Funko Pop Vinyl. Marvel only, preferably movie related (but not fixed in stone)

Comics: Variant covers, preferably whole series or sets

Lego: Marvel Superheroes sets and minifigures; Star Wars (original trilogy) sets and minifigures; London 2012 Olympic set (complete); and some Architecture sets (places we’ve been).

Other collectibles: Marvel related items.


Q: What is your trophy piece?

A: My Stan Lee autographed artwork, closely followed by my Stan Lee autographed Funko PopVinyl. I wasn’t lucky enough to get them signed in person but I know they are genuine, as both certificated.300b01b2-6eb7-4576-862a-8300566ed2ce_IMG_0087


Q: First item purchased and when/why?

A: I think my most recent collection (Marvel) started with the Iron Man DVD (since upgraded to blu-ray). That is the oldest item of what I class as being in my collection.

The film is great, it brings the character to life with a far superior storyline to previous Marvel movies.  It was that movie that reignited my passion for Marvel.


Q: For others who may be interested in either starting a new collection or building upon the one they already have, do you have any personal tips you would like to share?

A: Collect because you have a passion for what you’re collecting and understand that everything has a value and can be an investment.c5b016cb-09c0-47ed-852e-6d64b1f63ee0_image


Q: What is the decisive factor when you purchase an item?

A: See “Rules” above, and “do I want this?”

Cost will also come into it, but some things, you simply have to have.


Q: How do you like PopGrotto?

A: PopGrotto is great. I was looking for a while for somewhere to share my collections, but couldn’t find a decent site or app. But thankfully PopGrotto tweeted me in reply to one of my collection related tweets and I joined immediately.

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